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The foam suffocates 15,000 chickens in 15 minutes. It’s an American invention by Kifco, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Illinois. Note the humans in white suits standing in the window like strange aliens in a sci-fi horror movie. This is a “free range” farm, because they are not in individual cages, so the FDA allows the packaging of their dead flesh to be sold as “free range.” happy chickens, humane farming - feel good about your purchase packaging for unconscious consumers of animals.
As we all know, suffocating is painful, but carbon dioxide in high concentrations is also aversive. It converts to carbonic acid, burning mucous membranes. Feeling as though their throats and nasal passages are on fire, birds killed by in-barn gassing gasp, shake their heads, stretch their necks in an attempt to breathe and convulse so violently that they fracture their wings and legs.

totes humane

ugh this is vile

what the fuck NO


I’m surprised that you guys are surprised by this.  Have you not read a history book? Humans are fucked up! 1 week ago / 14,716 notes / Source
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